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West India Dock Visitors Review 2016


It is that time of the year when people begin to review the past 12 months, carrying on the tradition from previous years, we are listing the ships that have visited West India Docks in the last year.

With all the development surrounding West India Dock and Canary Wharf, there was some concern that the number visiting the dock would be severely curtailed but although numbers were down a little, we still had an interesting mix of ships and boats.


Some old Tall Ships favourites returned, the Stad Amsterdam, Stavros S Niarchos, STS Lord Nelson, STS Tenacious, Alexander von Humboldt II and Eendracht.

However there were visits from other Tall Ships including the impressive American USCGC Eagle and the Mexican Cuauhtémoc.


Super Yachts seem to be getting bigger and more lavish and we had a number of Super Yacht’s returning to the dock including the very expensive Ilona and Kismet.


There were visits from a number of Navy Ships especially from France and Germany . HMS Duncan, HMS Severn and HMS Kent visited on behalf of the Royal Navy.


There was a degree of nostalgia when  the Thames Sailing Barges had an open day and parade, once made in their thousands, they were the workhorses of the Thames trade and watching them going down the river was one of the treats of the year.  


The Massey Shaw, The Portwey and the Lord Amory which are permanently moored in the dock provide year round interest.

 Super Yachts

Super Yacht Force India

Super Yacht Lady S

Super Yacht Kismet

Super Yacht Ilona

Super Yacht Jamaica Bay

Super Yacht Grace E


Tall Ships

 STS Lord Nelson

Stavros S Niarchos

Alexander von Humboldt II

Dutch Tall Ship Stad Amsterdam

Polish Navy Sailing Ship ORP Iskra

Dutch Tall Ship Eendracht

American Tall Ship USCGC Eagle

Mexican Tall Ship Cuauhtémoc

Navy Ships

German Navy Ships

FGS Main,

FGS Siegburg 

FGS Pegnitz


Royal Navy Ships

HMS Severn

HMS Kent

HMS Duncan

French Navy Ships

FNS Scarpe

FNS Aramis

FNS Céphée

FNS Laplace

FNS Flamant

Swedish Navy

Swedish Navy training ship HMS Falken



Sailing Yacht Anakena

Association of Thames Yachts

Thames Sailing Barge Parade and Open Day

May we wish all our readers a Happy New Year and we look forward to the new visitors to the dock in the New Year.

Swedish Navy training ship HMS Falken in West India Dock


After the short visit from the Lord Nelson, West India Dock welcomes another tall ship with the arrival of the Swedish Navy training ship, the HMS Falken.

DSCN9648 (2)

The Falken, sails with 9 officers, 19 midshipmen and 5 crew members and is 132 ft long. Like many naval training ships, the Falken is used to train cadets to give them a high degree of practical seamanship and navigation. Cadets are also assessed for leadership and team building skills.

DSCN9650 (2)

The Schooner was built from a Tore Herlin design in 1947 at the Naval Dockyard in Stockholm. Sail training has a long history in the Swedish navy dating back to the 17th century, this tradition is carried on by HMS Falken and HMS Gladan.


The visit is a bit of a surprise to West India dock watchers, therefore little is known about how long the schooner will be in dock and whether she will be open to public visits.