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The Arrival of the Tall Ships in West India Dock


Walking down the east side of the Island this morning, early morning joggers and walkers came across a rather unusual sight, a line of tall ships moored near North Greenwich.


I say unusual sight but if we go back a 150 years ago it would have been extremely common and in many ways the south dock of the West India Dock was the spiritual home of the clipper fleet in London. Many of the famous clipper ships such as the Cutty Sark and Thermopylae were often moored in the dock.


The South Dock 1885 (Photo National Maritime Museum)

The large number of ships moored  today for the Greenwich Tall Ships Festival are not the largest in the fleet but they all have a story and are interesting in their own right.


Over the weekend, I will be looking at some of the ships in more depth and reveal some of their interesting histories .


Although only the first morning of the festival , there were already a large number of people looking at the boats and talking to the crews.


 Just entering the dock is the John Laing with HRH Countess of Wessex aboard


Standing proud on the other side of the dock is the Stad Amsterdam which is not part of the festival but is well worth a look.