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An “Island” Girl – Rebecca Mitchell, Artist


Over the last few months I have introduced my readers to some of the writers and artists who either live on the “Island” or use the “Island” as an inspiration for their work.

Today I would like to introduce you to the work of Rebecca Mitchell a young  up and coming artist from the Isle of Dogs.


Rebecca comes from a long established Isle of Dogs family whose creative artistic talent was encouraged from an early age by her family, particularly her grandmother who was a talented seamstress.

Self taught, she concentrated originally on pencil drawn portraits, then  moved  to drawing caricatures until recently moving on to paintings.


A talented rower herself , here she captures the effort and pain of a pair of rowers.


 She enjoys drawing caricatures of  60s,70s,80s singers and musicians




Rebecca has an ambition in the future to undertake a road trip that would enable her to travel and paint in the United States.

However at the moment, being a self taught artist, she is now enjoying the challenge  of studying Art and Design at College and in the future may consider going to an Art School or University.

It is always exciting to look at a young artists work at the beginning of her career and hopefully we will hear a lot more of Rebecca in the future.


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