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Keeping up with Jonesy – L. Katiyo


Gas head with lighter imprint

I am delighted to say we have another guest post from L. Katiyo who seeks to unravel an artistic mystery in East London.

A mysterious artist has chosen Tower Hamlets and the East End to install most of his street art.  He operates in the same fashion as Banksy and signs off his work as Jonesy.  He has never been seen installing the art, so no one knows who he is or what he looks like.  He specialises in bronze sculptures and paste-ups.


As you can see (circled in red) the sculptures are so small and easy to miss as you walk past.

What is so special about his work is that you have to be in harmony with the environment to spot it.   It took me 2 months walking the same route twice a week, before I discovered his sculptures along the Hertford Union Canal which runs along Victoria Park at the top of the borough.


 I tryd to save the world but no one let me

The sculptures are miniscule; some as small as a thumb and always designed to blend into the environment.  The level of detail is very intricate for such tiny pieces.  There is a message in the art which gives the impression he is an environmental campaigner.


 Bottle Top

Apart from the Hertford Union Canal, Jonesy’s work can be found in the East End on Hanbury Street, Brick Lane, Fournier Street, Osbourne Street, Sclater Street and Bacon Street.


Take back the plastics

When you find a Jonesy, you can be sure there are a few more Jonesy pieces nearby.  He likes to concentrate his installations in a location.  Even though it is so tempting to walk away with a Jonesy because it is so beautiful, fortunately the public understands his work is meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.


Green Head
  Fish head
  Frack its no gas

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  1. mark jones says:

    Hi thanks for the good article and support jonesy

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