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Cruise Ship Star Legend in West India Dock – 20th July 2015


The West India Dock tends to attract a wide range of ships, however it is not often a cruise ship comes into the dock due to the size of modern cruise ships. Therefore the arrival of the Star Legend is a bit of a surprise, although she is one of the smaller cruise ships.


The Star Legend has quite an interesting history ,she was originally built as the Royal Viking Queen in 1990 by Schichau-Seebeckwerft in Bremerhaven, Germany then was purchased by Royal Viking Line and launched on 1991, and was completed in 1992.


In 1995, the vessel’s name was changed to Queen Odyssey after she was assigned to Royal Cruise Line, she remained in operation for Royal Cruise Line until 1996, when she was sold to Seabourn and renamed Seabourn Legend. She is now renamed Star Legend and entered service for Windstar Cruises in 2015.


The ships other claim to fame was that when she was named Seabourn Legend, she was featured in the 1997 film Speed 2: Cruise Control.

Even though on the small side for a cruise ship with around 200 passengers and 150 crew, it still has a wide range of facilities for its passengers.


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