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INS Tarangini in West India Dock

After a quiet few years, we are certainly seeing more ships and boats coming into West India Dock, the latest arrival is the INS Tarangini which is a sail training ship for the Indian Navy.

INS Tarangini is a three-masted barque, commissioned in 1997 as a training ship for the Indian Navy. She was constructed in Goa to a design by the British naval architect Colin Mudie, and launched in 1995.

In 2003–04, she became the first Indian naval ship to circumnavigate the globe.

The ship sails across the Indian Ocean region for the purpose of providing sail training experience to the officer cadets of the Indian Navy.

When Tarangini did its first circumnavigation of the globe in 2003–04, the ship covered 33,000 nautical miles (61,000 km) and visited 36 ports in 18 countries.

The Tarangini has sailed to The Great Lakes in Canada for races and has also participated in European tall ship races.

During the last 15 years Tarangini has participated in 13 expeditions sailing over 188,000 nautical miles (348,000 km; 216,000 mi), remaining at sea for over 2,100 days, visiting 74 ports in 39 countries.

The INS Tarangini is visiting London for a few days and will set sail on 18th August.


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