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Slumming it ? Recreating the Victorian East End


If you could time travel, I suspect not many of us would want to be transported back the Victorian East End tenements. However, you do have an opportunity to live in a recreation of that environment for a television series. I was recently contacted by Wall to Wall Media which is the company who made Who Do You Think You Are? series and have pioneered living history formats such as Turn Back Time: The High Street and the recent BBC Two series Back In Time For Dinner.

They are  currently producing a new series for the BBC recreating an authentic late Victorian tenement environment and inhabiting it with modern people who will live, work, and survive, in a unique Victorian East End community.

Although its only the initial stages of casting the programme, they are looking for people who have a genuine connection to the East End of London. They would like  to cast a wide range of families (10+ – 65+ yrs.), couples and individuals who have some kind of ancestral link to the area, or are vaguely aware of having ancestors who survived the East End slums of London. It may be that the connection is through their modern trade or skill, or the fact that they currently live in the area and would be intrigued to explore it’s Victorian roots.

The comforts of the modern age would lead us to believe that many of us would struggle even for a short time to live in what were often considered Victorian slums, well here is your chance to find out if you could cope without much of the modern equipment we see as essential.

Although the series is hoping to reveal what it was really like for the Victorian poor, I do not think they about to reintroduce rickets and cholera ! However these shows do provide some insights into the period and make people question some of the accepted myths from the era.

If you are interested in the programme, you can find out more at the Wall to Wall website here


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  1. Diane says:

    Wow! that sounds amazing. Remind me when it is on TV

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