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Eric Pemberton’s Postcards – Poplar and East India Dock Road


Poplar Hospital


Poplar Hospital was set up to deal with the large number of people who had accidents in the Docks. It was built on the site of a local Inn.

Throughout the 19th Century and 20th Century extra wards and beds were added.

It was damaged by bombs in 1941 but continued until 1975 when it was closed. It was demolished in 1982.


The building of the Blackwall Tunnel had a significant effect on Blackwall in particular.


Blackwall Tunnel


The Poplar Police Station was built in the 1890s but was demolished in 1971.

The Public Baths were built in the 19th Century but refurbished in 1933, closed in 1988 but still standing.


George Green was a local benefactor especially funding  the building of local schools.

Board of Trade offices was where the day to day administration of the Merchant Navy in the docks were undertaken.


The Seamans Institute building is still there next to the recreation ground.


This Trinity Congregational Church was built in 1841 but was destroyed by bombs in 1944.


All Saints Parish Church began 1821, although damaged in the war still standing today.


St Stephens was destroyed in WW2


Many of these houses were pulled down in the 20th Century.

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  1. jan says:

    Great set of postcards. I’m struck by how grand the buildings were: the hospital, the baths, the school, the dock gate, the tunnel entrance etc etc. Obviously a grat deal of civic pride in those days!

  2. Stan says:

    Great post cards can I get a copy of them

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